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accu-industrie-bedarf Kunstmann GmbH


"Seneca's rolling liquidity planning creates transparency regarding our short-term liquidity position in a unique way. In addition to being able to view the aggregated cash flows globally, I'm excited about the opportunity to evaluate the historical behaviour of individual debitors. This combination of historical data and a forecast means the important added value for us. We get decision-relevant information and can react appropriately to the planning and management of our debitors and creditors."


Martin Kunstmann, CEO of accu-industrie-bedarf Kunstmann GmbH


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Jugendhilfe Creglingen e.V

"Seneca cost accounting is a very important tool for us to promptly keep an eye on the economic efficency of the particular divisions of our facility. In the past cost accounting took several days to implementso that we were not able to conduct it on a regular basis. Seneca allows me to shorten the time period significantly. Thus I save an enormous amount of time and I keep track of the situation in each site. I am especially thrilled over the transparency through which I can retrace the allocated positions up to the G/L account.


Angela Vogt, Division Manager, Management Accounting, Human Resources, Jugendhilfe Creglingen e.V.


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Fürst Fugger Zentralverwaltung


"With the Seneca Management Accounting system we are able to amalgamate data from our various previous systems like accounting, book-keeping, special softwares for forestry and much more. In Seneca we analyze proceeds, costs and amounts very clearly and efficiently. The possibilities of quick changes between various timelines are very useful and likewise helpful. We use Seneca for our running Management Accounting as well as for the complete preparation of our annual accounts."


Fürst Fugger Zentralverwaltung, Peter Artz, Head of Accounting






InterSPA Betriebsverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH


"We as enterprise group place importance on having an overview of the most important key figures. So our added value of Seneca Management Accounting Software lies in the professional reporting: daily, automated and underlined graphically! The Seneca support stands by our side when needed, always in time and very competent. We are really looking forward to the continuing collaboration."


InterSPA Group; Volker Scheerer; Proxy; Commercial Management






Anton Pöllinger Brauerei e.K.

"The burden of medium-sized breweries increases constantly due to growing competition and cost pressure. Therefore prices of purchase and disposition get calculated by us during the year repeatedly, using different techniques. The Seneca Controlling Software makes this facile. By using this tool,  we are able to illustrate and manage consistently all data - from a single filling right up to the planned balance sheet – in an attractive manner. Owing to this flexibility, Seneca is our controlling-tool of choice."


Hans Hasenberger, ppa., Salesmanager, Lt. Controlling, Anton Pöllinger Brauerei e.K., Pfeffenhausen






eventa AG

"Seneca Controlling helps us to get a consolidated overview of our group in real time. With the detailed analysis, we are able to evaluate various key figures within our quality management. Before Seneca, it was not possible to extract these key figures with the standard tools of DATEV or ERP. Most of all we enjoy the inferable transparency. That facilitates our internal and external communication enormously."


Florian Felsch, CEO eventa AG, Seeshaupt


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Gallicoop Pulykafeldolgozó Zrt.


The Seneca Management Accounting Software speeds up our planning, analyzing and reporting process. Previously, it caused a lot of work to collect and analyze data from our various systems. 

Now we can see the interrelated data in one system at once and we can compare the data quickly in various intervals and dimensions. This Management Accounting Software is very flexible and the inbuilt instruments and tools enable a most effective working. Thanks to Seneca we can focus on the main points of our management accounting.


Tibor Füzesséry, Head of Management Accounting, Gallicoop  Pulykafeldolgozó Zrt., Szarvas, Hungary





Dr. Stefan Rieke, Interim Manager and Consultant, Accura Treuhand GmbH


"I really appreciate the straightforwardness in the structures of the Seneca Controlling Software: easily I can go down from overview to allocation to an account. As a result I get deep insight. The companies, which I am in charge of, need transparency to push on the realization of model and strategy. I enjoy accessing consistent data and to approach the issues behind it. With Seneca I can bring a company on target very well."






Simply Pure GmbH

"Seneca Controlling Software is the favorite tool of Simply Pure GmbH because of its high flexibility regarding the individual needs of business planning. With three different planning scenarios we were able to implement our case concretely and to work out connections. Last but not least, with Seneca we were able to master the start-up financing easily."


Katrin Waldenmaier, Founder & CEO Simply Pure GmbH, Munich


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ML-C  MobileLocation-Company GmbH

"What I need in my company is financial data 'at my fingertips', regardless to where I am. This requirement can only be fulfilled by a web based system. As a matter of course the communication channel must be secure from one side to the other. Therefore the Seneca Controlling Software is our system of choice!" 


Dr. Jens Bodenkamp, CFO, MobileLocation-Company GmbH, München



Lehel Industrie GmbH 

"The investment controlling of our Portfolio Companies sets me regularly time-devouring tasks. The Seneca Controlling Software provides the opportunities for planning, analyses and benchmarking of which one previously could merely dream of. The cross-company reporting and the possibility of adhoc proforma consolidation speeds up and makes my work effective. And it is true: Controlling with Seneca is fun!"


Alexander Klas, Business Analyst, Lehel Industrie GmbH, München





Hellfeier Marketing Affairs GmbH

"As an internationally active marketing agency, as well as advertising engineers and stand builders, we care for numerous projects simultaneously. To stay on top of things in our campaigns, we bank on the Seneca Controlling Software. This system enables us to get a detailed view on the world of numbers of a single action, as well as it grants the aerial perspective on our company as a whole."


Jens Hellfeier, CEO, Hellfeier Marketing Affairs GmbH, Wendelstein