Seneca - The Company

In the beginning there was a vision of a mould-breaking management accounting software


Owing to complex globalization processes, the Basel III rules and the necessity to secure liquidity, small, large and medium-sized enterprises face enormous challenges when it comes to meeting economic and legal requirements, assuming corporate social responsibility and maintaining competitiveness.


These requirements affect all the companies of our large management network alike. The issues involved are similar and the challenges are intricate.



Thus we thought it was time to leave traditional approaches behind and combine courage, experience, competency and expertise to devise new solutions easy to use that are adapted to the requirements of the times. Moreover, we wanted to use our rich experience and the technical advances to develop the necessary tools for small, large and medium-sized companies that allow them to keep their profitability, assume their corporate social responsibility and maintain their competitiveness.


An up-to-date management accounting system - Seneca attends your business on its successful way!

At the beginning of 2011, several controlling, finance and management analysis experts with many years of pertinent experience founded the Seneca Business Software GmbH.


From our company headquarter in Munich, we provide services for national and international customers – either through partner companies or directly.


Our objective is clearly defined: 

We provide management accounting services based on modern technologies, up-to-date functionalities and comprehensive customer support to meet the demanding challenges of the times.