The essential functionalities of our software at a glance!




Create your budget and forecast in a modern and professional way

By using top-down and bottom-up as well as seasonal planning and increasing factors you are able to simulate numerous scenarios. Operate with given planning options – independent of period and granularity (day, month, year…). A huge number of given formulas enable a broad scope of planning. Plan various regions, products and groups of customers by using customized increasing values and all kinds of units (tons, Euros, percents…).



Reliable figures ensure the future of your company 

Define your client structure and identify your tops and flops with ABC and Pareto evaluations. Compare various planning variants with your latest data and be able to illustrate the discrepancy of your absolute and your relative values on the basis of tabular accounts. All data of your company can get summarized in a graphical way by using combined graphics like area, pie and bar charts. 



Reports, as quick as possible!

Dashboards provide the most important facts at one glance. Speedometerstraffic lights displays and progress bars are automatically updated. Tabular reports are easily made, are formatted in a professional way and are exported to Excel. Additionally, the period of the dynamic customization can be chosen freely. Each analysis, report and graphic can get consolidated and combined in company-wide briefing books via drag and drop. At last you will have the option to transfer the report into a presentation mode or you can create a pdf of it.







Calculate your actions, make the correlations transparent


Simulate various scenarios and you will receive an immediate overview of your before and after results.


Use the simulation for Ad-hoc-analysis for planning or for fundamental analysis to identify the optimize potential of your business.

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Additional calculation for planning made easy

Simply use the drag-and-drop tool to copy the values of additional calculation from each sector of the system into the calculator. After the calculation process transfer the resultsof your calculation back again into the corresponding table or function.


This is particularily useful for your planning projects and saves navigation clicks via tabs or data transfer by using copy/paste. 



Catch a glimpse at your company's world!

Use geocoded information to illustrate your sales and your costs transparently on a map. 


From detail view up to global view. Identify geographical focuses of your sales network or optimize logistical processes.



Full flexibility and scalability

Seneca enables you to figure as many companies individually as you wish and to portray single contents like sales, staff or cost centres as a client.


Take the structure out of your ERP and accounting system, consolidate cross-client information and present any number of those contents like P&L, balancesheets, clients or products. Seneca adapts to your needs.


International use

With Seneca you are working global

Each user chooses his prefered language. Program and individual structures will be adapted to the chosen language and the international accounting.


The linking to the European Central Bank (ECB) enables your data to be up-to-the-minute.


Chat and workflow

Work together efficiently with your team!

See, who of your team is available and come into contact instantly. This chat function can be used without an installation.


Coordinate planning and projects in a group and determine appointments and responsibilities. Visualize the procedure in Gantt charts and keep yourself up to date with the reminder function. You will keep your corporate processes under control easily.


Editing function

Create your own business model!

Present different business models quickly by creating any position via drag and drop. Change existing structures quickly or create your own template.


Adapt your reports to your business model and present your contents in individual reports. At the touch of the button it is possible to adjust time periods as requested - even over the years. Reports and analyses can easily be adapted to your corporate design.


Import and export of data

Integrate Seneca into your IT environment

Due to the easy-to-handle Interface Wizard, you are able to hand over data in various formats very simple. Data consolidation becomes a walk in the park!


Export your data from Seneca as XML, CSV, Microsoft Excel or directly from database to database. You can format each report, chart and analysis as PDF or Excel and host it in the Seneca FTP storage.


The Seneca MS-Office-Add-In completes your systems integration.