Management accounting in Private- or Public Cloud?

Targeting your business success!

Our sophisticated solutions can be installed on a public and a private cloud infrastructure.


The public cloud solution: Seneca management accounting in the GERMAN CLOUD!


  • You would like to avoid investments in hardware
  • and save resources
  • instead of using them for IT administration tasks such as maintenance and updates?



If so,

  • use our cloud solution at a favorable monthly flat rate
  • hosting at a German data center
  • with worldwide availability
  • high performance
  • data protection according to the most rigorous security standards 
  • on-demand scalability included



The private cloud solution: Seneca management accounting in your company!

You already have a server environment at your company which should be utilized?


If so,


  • you can opt for a licensing model 
  • and install, maintain and operate the Seneca management accounting software in-house autonomously



It is up to you!

Whether used at a data center or in-house: The Seneca application with it's 64-bit technology and its multi-tier architecture is cutting edge and is not dependend on platform and client.

Use the Seneca management accounting software on your PC, Mac or tablet – with all the available features!