Pressemitteilung April 2018

Seneca setzt auf Connected Controlling


(München, 24. April 2018) Voll integriert und webbasiert - mit dem Ansatz des Connected Controlling ermöglicht die Seneca Controlling Software Planungen, Analysen, Berichte, Szenarien und Prognosen für Unternehmen, die sich im Handumdrehen erstellen lassen.


Das Erfordernis eines perfekten Zusammenspiels verschiedenster technologischer Systeme und entsprechender Datenströme ist vielen im Zusammenhang mit autonom fahrenden Automobilen bekannt. Die zielsichere Steuerung eines Fahrzeugs, eines „Connected Cars“, ist dann gewährleistet, wenn im Fahrzeug alle notwendigen Elemente als Informationsbasis für sicheres Navigieren automatisch zusammengeführt – also connected – werden. Das Unternehmen Seneca hat diese Vision für das Unternehmenscontrolling aufgegriffen und seinerseits den Terminus Connected Controlling als Ansatz für die Entwicklung eines modernen webbasierten Software-Tools gewählt. Ein Tool, das für die Unternehmenssteuerung relevante ...


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Pressemitteilung Februar 2017


Verbesserte Unternehmenssteuerung - Bausteine zum Erfolg


(München 10. Februar 2017) In der Getränkebranche ist es nicht anders, als in anderen Bereichen der Wirtschaft. Um fundierte Entscheidungen treffen zu können, benötigt man aussagekräftige Unternehmenszahlen, die als Entscheidungsgrundlage zeitnah zur Verfügung stehen müssen. Auch der Consultingbereich ist auf aktuelle Zahlen aus den unterschiedlichen Unternehmensbereichen...


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Press Releases July 2015

Trendsetting cooperation of two pioneers in the field of webbased business software solutions: Seneca Business Software GmbH and Exact Online Germany 


(Munich, 07/14/15) Create additional value by the use of network - this is a motto, followed by Seneca and Exact, whose cooperation started in April 2015. Now in July 2015, the go-live of the Seneca App in App centre of Exact Online has just ensued. The App of Seneca Business Software GmbH offers its established Software Seneca with the possibility of connection to the financial accounting, ERP and CRM solutions of the product family Exact Online. Read more


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The software providers Seneca and Norriq fix a cooperation


(Ratingen, 07/10/15) Norriq extends DRINK-IT® by a controlling function. With "Plan & Control" Norriq Germany offers one more extra module for its ERP branch solution DRINK-IT®. Therefore Norriq entered a cooperation with Seneca Business Software GmbH, a proved special provider of Software solutions for managerial accounting. Read more


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Press release March 2015

Increasing importance of Rating: Real-time evaluation of companies and affiliates with the Seneca Rating Module

(Munich, 03/23/15) Whether SME or listed company, Rating is an important topic for each economic company, specifically concerning financing issues. On the one hand, criteria of bank lending were tightened since Basel II. Read more…


Press release February 2015


German Businesscloud - a new software information portal for SMEs


(Munich, 02/09/15) It was a few years ago when cloud computing made its debut, but today it is already one of the most essential technologies in businesses. The benefit for SMEs by using cloud solutions is beyond argument. Read more


Find here the interview with CEO Dirk von Pechmann:



Press release December 2014

Businesses' use of cloud computing rises - Seneca provides the appropriate controlling software


(Munich, 12/15/14) Recently, the statistical office of EU "Eurostat" published the latest figures of the usage of cloud computing in businesses. Thus, circa a fifth of European companies with more than ten employees were using webbased applications and external data storage services in 2014 read more




Press release October 2014

Founders look out! - Fair season 2014/2015 has begun

(Munich, 10/27/14) Fair season 2014/2015 has begun.  This autumn keeps ready many possibilities  for founders, start ups and midsized businesses. At various events, valuable information about enterprise related topics like funding, managerial accounting or marketing will be presented and new contacts will be made read more




Press release July 2014


Successful Business Breakfast on the subject of "professionalization of corporate transactions"

(Munich, July 22nd 2014)The increasing globalization of the world market and the changing corporate environment urges even more foresight in the search for new possibilities in corporate development - also for small and medium sized companies. Especially medium sized buisnesses must handle the enormous growth capability which arises from the opening of the markets, the evermore rising need for customer service, the Know-How-Transfer and the itensified competition between national and international companies. A possibility which allows it to coordinate a company newly and to generate growth read more


Press release June 2014

Missing managerial accounting a frequent reason for insolvency


(Munich, June 5th 2014)Signs are pointing to growth for the German mittelstand. Elicitations of the Federal Office of Statistics say that the gross domestic product has already increased in the first quarter by 0.8 percents. Estimations imply that this development will carry on. But not erveryone gains from this positive trend. Yet in January and February did round about 4,200 companies file a petition for insolvency. All in all did this circa 27,000 companies last year. And mainly were medium sized businesses involved, says a study of "Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V."

Managerial accounting is defining a directed management control

There are various reasons for a company to get into financial trouble despite of positive economic parameters. In about 80 percents of all cases read more


Seneca controlling – internationally acting in research and science


On the 4th of June 2014 there was a partnership established between Széchenyi István University and Seneca Business Software GmbH. Under the eyes of the interested press, the official ceremony was celebrated in the Hungarian town Györ. 

This partnership was established with the aim of connecting research and science with free enterprise for an intensive exchange. From now on there will be joint events which will offer an occasion to discuss current questions in the faculties of business administration and controlling. A vivid knowledge exchange has priority! Széchenyi István University uses this partnership to expand its contacts to German companies, as Audi is already connected to the University. The expansion to the fields of economics and IT did now succeed by establishing a partnership with Seneca. 







With the Seneca sales controlling you keep your ear to the ground!

 Like to learn more?


The example of the traditional brewery Pöllinger from Hallertau shows how to ensure your corporate capability at the market by using a modern sales controlling. Find some worth knowing facts as well as many details in our Brauwelt article 35/13: 


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Read more about the smashing possibilities of the Seneca controlling, concerning the following topics:
  • Purchase controlling
  • Financial controlling
  • Cost controlling 
  • Personnel controlling
  • Project controlling
  • Sales controlling 
  • Strategic controlling 
  • Operative controlling
Our best practice article in the BRAUWELT edition no. 16 – April ‘13

Which possibilities do you have for your internal financial engineering? 

How easy is the data consolidation created? 

What is the contemporary Seneca reporting like? 

Which departments of your company do benefit from the profound Seneca controlling? 


Find all of this and much more in the April edition of the BRAUWELT

Or just here article-Download as PDF






Basel III

In 2008 the financial markets were hit by a severe global economic crisis. As a consequence of this banking crisis induced catastrophe, the world’s largest economies imposed stricter rules on credit institutions to stabilize the globally interconnected financial system. Although primarily addressed to the banking sector, the Basel III rules have a major effect on medium-sized companies.


The new international Basel III rules shall be implemented step-by-step until 2015 and cover, inter alia, uniform liquidity requirements for banks to ensure the effective refinancing of loans. According to major SME associations, this may lead to restrictive credit policies. The lending process and particularly the introduction of credit rating even for private sector enterprises, which had already been established as part of Basel II, will remain in force. Thus it can be expected that especially operations with a medium credit rating – generally SMEs – will face higher interest rates and, if need be, higher collateral requirements. For these reasons, it may be essential and even vital for SMEs to improve their credit ratings by means of effective planning and real-time reporting!


The Seneca editions provide professional rating factors such as key figure analyses, comprehensive reporting and transparent budget and forecasting processes online.

If you wish to receive more information on how the different editions – Seneca local, Seneca global and Seneca galaxy – can support you in improving your credit rating, just send us an E-Mail.