Neues Jahr - neues CloudEco-Zertifikat für die Seneca Controlling Software!


(Berlin, 5. Februar 2018) Die Hauptstadtrepräsentanz der Deutschen Telekom war auch in diesem Jahr wieder die Bühne für den alljährlichen Winter Summit des Cloud Ecosystem e.V - seines Zeichens leistungsstarker Verbandsverein für Cloud-Software-Anbieter und die gesamte umgebende Cloud-Technologie.


Die eintägige Veranstaltung in Berlin-Mitte bot Mitgliedern des Cloud Ecosystems e.V., geladenen Gästen und zahlreichen interessierten Fachbesuchern ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Programm mit brandaktuellen Vorträgen der CloudEco-Mitglieder und der großen Partnerunternehmen IBM und natürlich der Deutschen Telekom.


Eine Neuheit bei der diesjährigen Veranstaltung waren die Workshops des "World Cafés" zu Vermarktungsfragen, Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung und zum Open Integration Hub des Cloud Ecosystems. Hierbei war das Fachpublikum zur aktiven Beteiligung aufgerufen, mit dem Ziel, einen richtungsweisenden und ganz praxisnahen Einblick in die aktuellen Aufgabenstellungen zu erhalten, welche die Digitalisierung mit sich bringt.


Höhepunkt der Veranstaltung war nicht zuletzt die Übergabe der Urkunden für die erneute Zertifizierung der Mitglieder des Cloud Ecosystem e.V. , zu denen natürlich auch die Seneca Business Software GmbH gehört, mit ihrer cloudbasierten umfassenden Controlling-Lösung in den Editionen Seneca Global, Seneca Local und Seneca Galaxy.


Mehr lesen zum Cloud Ecosystem e.V.



Hospital planning powered by Seneca


Successful product launch at K|M|S autumn congress


(Munich, 10/27/2017) On the 20th and 21st of October, the annual autumn congress of the Seneca partner K|M|S AG took place in Unterhaching. K|M|S is the leading provider of technology and knowledge management in German healthcare.


The attending professional audience of more than 180 people showed great interest in the hospital planning manager, which was newly developed by Seneca for K|M|S. This manager completes the software solution eisTIK® as a new module.


The pleasingly big positive response to the management accounting module for healthcare made by Seneca makes both partners very optimistic about the future. Especially since the K|M|S autumn meeting coincides with the starting signal for the immediate start of the eisTIK® planning manager powered by Seneca.


Learn more about the Seneca hospital manager (German)

Foundation of managerial accounting work group

Seneca continues to establish itself in Hungarian managerial accounting circles

(Munich the 15th of May 2017) The “Working Group of West German Companies” was founded in April of this year with the help of the Menedzsment és Controlling Egyesület (MCE).


The main initiator and head of the working group is Ms. Nikoletta Biczó, consultant at Seneca Business Software GmbH. The event was hosted by BPW-Hungária Kft. in Szombately, Hungary, on the 12th of April 2017.


The first session of the working group started with two top class lectures held by István Bánfalvi and Judit Reményi, both heads of the finance and controlling department of BPW-Hungária Kft. The main topic of this first meeting was the “capacity planning and resource utilization in a volatile environment”, as in the case in today´s markets and enterprises.


The interactive nature of the workshop quickly led to a gratifyingly dynamic discussion, in which each participant took the opportunity to a vigorous and active exchange of professional experiences and ideas.


The participants of the first event included Audi Hungaria Zrt., Autoliv Kft., BUSCH-HUNGARIA Kft., Delphi Hungary Kft., BPW-Hungária Kft., Dana Hungary Kft.,  Hirtenberger Automotive Safety Hungary Bt., IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft., iQor Global Services Hungary Kft., LUK Savaria Kft., Nemak Györ Kft., Rába Futómü Kft., Schott Hungary Kft. and the Seneca Business Software GmbH.


For further information on future events, please contact Ms. Biczo (nib(at) or visit the event page of MCE.





Seneca concluded a new cooperation with BVBC and now is sustaining member

(Munich, 04th of April 2017) Since the beginnig of the year, Seneca Business Software GmbH actively supports BVBC events with lectures and special rates for BVBC members, with the primary objective of promoting synergies for accountants and financial controllers.



Since 1976, the Federal Association of Accountants and Controllers - BVBC - has been committed to employ a positive economic environment for its occupational group. With this in mind, BVBC keeps close contact to business associations, engages in political lobbying and sets important standards with regular benchmarks of salary analyses.


The strong network of BVBC initiates info-meetings, working groups and round tables as well as it organizes numerous trade events.


Members of the BVBC benefit from this partnership with Seneca in case of consultancy needs, individual webinars and by the use of the Seneca Office Intergration.


For further information please click the link below.

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Seneca Controlling meets MS-Office©

Bridging the gap from controlling into the Office-world


(Munich, January 12, 2017) With the new Seneca software release, which was launched starting this year, the Seneca development team implemented this through popular demand of users.


In the future it will be very easy for Seneca users to integrate further areas of their company directly to their planning and reporting structures. The newly developed Seneca MS-Office©-integration makes an online-connection possible between Seneca Controlling and the classic Microsoft tools Excel, PowerPoint and Word, around the clock. 


Data collection, presentations and business plans made with the classic Office-tools normally require graphics, reports and analysis needs to be combined with highly elaborate and complex exports and inserts. Due to timely updates, adjustments are needed and formatting starts all over again. 


For Seneca users this is much more comfortable. With the Seneca MS-Office©-integration this process will notably be simplyfied. The Excel-Add-in is one of the tools Seneca users could use for data collection and the interaction between the Seneca database and the spreadsheet world. Diagram evaluation, heatmaps, and reports could directly be inserted into the presentation and text documents from the Seneca ressource manager. Eye catcher: when evaluations need to be changed, the user can update his data by mouseclick.


With the ability to transfer data effortlessly, to update and to write back and secure data, companies will be able to incorporate further employees, e.g.: sales to hitherto decentralized data acquisition, without sacrifying any secure data computation done in Seneca. The update results will return to the user upon request in both systems.


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Seneca and the Budapest Metropolitan University


The beginning of a success story

(Budapest, 15. September 2016) First is work, and the comes the celebration. On 14th of September 2016, the Budapest Metropolitan University and Seneca Business Software GmbH have sealed their partnership.


Since the beginning of the wintersemester 2016, the implementation of sophisticated tasks in the area of controlling are being applied from the students of BMU who are taking Business Administration with the support of Seneca Controlling Software on their curriculum. The active exchange between the university and Seneca from the aspects of business pratice and academical research leads to the development of creative common solutions for numerous challenges in the subject of Managerial Accounting in future. Amongst others the goal is to encourage the practical education of students who are aspiring for a career in the field of Managerial Accounting.






Shoot ahead and simulate!


What are the key adjustment screws to optimize an outcome?
Which sectors could be affected by the operation?


The brand new Seneca function of simulation can help you create a simple overview of the impact of the changes in defined targets. At the same time you are making the prevailing interdependencies transparent. 

With it's simulation function Seneca provides the ideal tool for both Ad-hoc-Analyses as part of the planning, as well as fundamental analysis, to increase the optimisation potential within the company.


It has never been so easy to give games of imagination some room, a place where you could freely ask "what if...?", and with just a few clicks you can calculate accurately and broaden your own leeway.


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Seneca Management Accounting has been awarded!

The software solution Seneca Management Accounting has been awarded by "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT" (innovation award IT) as BEST OF 2016.



(Munich, 04/12/16) In March 2016 "Initiative Mittelstand" has awarded innovative IT solutions with high benefit for the mittelstand. We proudly present our certificate which was awarded to Seneca becuase of "the awarded solution convinced the jury and belongs to the top group of this year's "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT" in the category of Finance.







New partnership with business school!


Seneca expands partner network with Hungarian universities


(München 12/04/15) In a solemn ceremony on 1st of december 2015, the partnership with Budapest Business School (Budapesti Gazdasági Föiskola BGF) was sealed.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful and historic conference room of Budapesti Gazdasági Föiskola. Located in the city centre of Budapest, BGF is the oldest business school of Hungary and has more than 20,000 students. Dirk von Pechmann, founder and CEO of Seneca Business Software GmbH and Dr. Ferenc Dietz, chancellor of the business school, signed the contract. Afterwards, Dirk von Pechmann presented the Seneca partnership trophy to the director Dr. Kriszt Eve Sándorné, together with the university licenses for the students of economics.


Purpose of the partnership is support of the practical education and a knowledgeable communication between research and teaching and free enterprise.








Beverage Supreme!

How to deal with deposit accrual


Even small and elusive factors can influence the performance of businesses unexpectedly. 


Together with the brewery experts of LGT GmbH we examined this issue more in detail, doing a practical analysis:

"Deposit Accrual - Problems and Solutions"


Find our article in Brauwelt Magazine, Edition 21-22, 2015 or download it for free.





Top News Rating Methods

"Balance Sheet Rating - A tool for risk management?"*

Find here the current professional article of our partner Mr. Dieter Pape, Rating Analyst and Auditor, URA Rating Agency Munich. Released in the Controller Magazine* May/June 2015 Download here (German)


Read Online (German)





Trust in CLOUD! Seneca now certified by the Cloud Ecosystem!


Cloud Ecosystem - the community for new possibilities of cloud and innovative SaaS concepts


Within the context of the autumn meeting of Cloud Ecosystem on 4th of November in Munich, Seneca Controlling received the quality certificate "Trust in Cloud"


The certificate answers questions like: Does the cloud solution handle the data protected by law? Is the datacenter certified for recording quality criteria? In addition, "Trust in Cloud" allows the potential customer to compare cloud solutions as objectively as possible. (Picture: All rights reserved -





Prior notice: GO4IDEA - an idea competition for prefounders

The second round of the successful idea competition 

One more time, our partner dykiert beratung initiates - together with SoFiM GbR - the idea competition GO4IDEA. In May 2014, founders, whose companies are in the start-up phase, will get the chance to field their product or services ideas. Participants and winners can earn some attractive prices as well as some competent input of a qulified expert panel.


Don't miss the public price-giving ceremony in September 2014. You want to learn more? Click here!




New address! Seneca now situated in the heart of Munich!


Growing means responsibility and rising challenges. Now we coped a further challenge: we found new space for our growing company in the heart of Munich. We are pleased to inform all our customers, partners, friends and companions, that our new headquarter is located in Zweigstr. 10, 80336 Munich – in a historical townhouse nearby central station. 

Come and see us! 





New interface to ERP-System developed


Your numbers, please!

Together with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV trade partner, M&A Soft GmbH, we developed an interface - efficient and easy to handle.

Companies, which work with the fully integrated solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP 2009 or 2013, have now the possibility to pass from the Microsoft NAV database their corporate data to and from Seneca. The new joint development with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV trade partner M&A Soft GmbH allows the user to screen the delivered plan variants and number groups. All dimensions of your ERP are easily transferred. This procedure can of course be done automatically.

The Seneca-Interface is already fully integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 
See it for yourself!