Which one is the perfect edition for me?

Simple - quick - cost effective - management accounting for your small business!

Seneca Local, our entry level product, includes integrated cash flow and liquidity statements as well as planning opportunities for up to 5,000 items. The easy import of data from your company accounting system and all other systems permits you an easy, immediate and professional start into the World of Seneca management accounting. 

Transparent numbers for the mid-sized business!

With Seneca Global you keep your medium-sized company under firm control. An unlimited number of scenario analyses and planning objects, including a wealth of additional options, leave nothing to be desired in operative management accounting. Whether installed at a data center or on your in-house network – Seneca Global is your reliable instrument for management accounting. 

The whole world in numbers - for large companies!

For 360° coverage of all management accounting needs, Seneca Galaxy is the first choice. The enterprise package of Seneca Galaxy includes an unlimited number of users, all available features, consolidation, an international focus and strategy planning tools. Available soon! 

For you the benefits of all Seneca editions  in comparison: