The Seneca Modules

Master Data Management and Planning at it's finest!




Whether loans, investments, personnel, leases or other contracts. With the Seneca Modules you have the overview. In the actual state - in extrapolation - in simulations - in the current forecast.


The Seneca modules for your master data management contain financial logics which provide you a completely new horizon for your planning. You can transfer easily all data on all types of contracts, loans, investments and personnel into the respective Seneca module. The data is then ready to be used at any time with just a few clicks for further analysis and planning.


Your benefit


From now on you have an excellent basis for numerous scenario calculations, simulations and not least for your personnel planning. The intelligent rolling forecast completes the modern controlling process.


General Features


Each module offers a predefined module form in which you can find a very clear presentation of your master data of contracts, personnel etc. For comfortable data entry you use comboboxes with predefined input options. In addition an automatic runtime calculation in months take place from the beginning and end of the term. Alternatively, there is an automatic calculation of the end of term from the beginning of the term and the duration in months. Seneca automatically generates a structure for your planning, movements and integrated financial planning from the data available in the module. Moreover, create user roles for your employees.




Loan Module


Your options
  • Calculation logic for four credit types are defined: Final maturity, annuity, rate automatically, rate manually
  • Interest rate fixing and interest rate changes are possible
  • Day-count conventions: payment in advance/arrear, before/after repayment, with/without compound interest
  • Five interest rate methods are provided: act / act, 30 / 360, act / 360, 30 / act, 30E / 360
  • Possibility of capitalization and disagio are given
  • A subdivision into ten cost centers is possible
  • Possibility of unsceduled repayment
  • Two variants of redemption suspension are deposited
  • Four possible payment methods are intended: monthly, quaterly, semi-annual, yearly
  • Credit fees can optionally be added to the loan amount
  • Automatic calculation of the effective interest rate and the total costs




Capital Expenditure Module


Your options


  • Categorization of investments according to balance sheet structure (fixed, financial, immaterial investments)
  • A subdivision into ten cost centers is possible
  • Possibility of assignment to a loan via contract number
  • Two types of depreciation: linear and declining
  • Start of depreciation optional regardless of the date of purchase
  • Separate entry of acquisition value and acquisition costs
  • Enter of economic lifetime in years
  • Manual input of the current tax rate
  • Possibility of a special depreciation
  • Determination of gross amount and tax amount in the data record




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