Does my workplace need special requirements for using Cloudtechnology?

The requirements of a workplace in the Cloud are less than those of a regular one. The processing power is carried out in a high performance data center. The screen content only is submitted. That means independency of your choice of terminal equipment (PC, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, etc.)

What is the availability for Seneca Controlling in the cloud?

A 99.9% availability is ensured by redundant backbones and power supply systems of our high performance data center. 

Where are my data and how secure are they?

We guarantee that all your data is stored in a secure cloud data center in Germany. They are protected against third party or third country access by contract and by the most up-to-date security standards. Access to the data is provided for neither the data center staff, nor the Seneca employees. According to the state of the art technology and organizational measures as well as the constant inspection through an external data protection officer we can guarantee the highest possible security standard.

Can I backup my data in the cloud?

Multiple redundancy data backup is included in the range of services provided. Separate data archiving can be ordered as an additional service. 

Is the data secure in the GERMAN CLOUD?

We are strictly governed by the German data protection guidelines. All data are held exclusively within the legal area of German jurisdiction. Every data transmission in the Seneca controlling system is encrypted according to banking standards. External missuse of data is excluded as the data never leave the closed system of the German data center. Due to our partnership with Deutsche Telekom, these security standards are verified regularly to strict compliance. In this context pentests are operated, i.e. simulated hacker attacks, to verify the technical data security.

How secure is the data center in which Seneca controlling is provided?

The data center is certified according to ISO 27001 abd the BSI. The data center has three redundant backbones  (TeliaSOnera, Level 3 and KPN) and an autonomous system according to AS41412. Two of in its own independent substantion and an emergency generator ensure a continuous power supply. Further security measures are 24/7 video surveillance with recording and monitoring, burglary alarm systems with door- and movement sensors, admission control via double factor authentication and biometric locking system. The Seneca controlling system is hosted in the data center but not operated, which means that employees of the data center do not have access to data in the Seneca controlling system.

How are the services billed?

If you book Seneca controlling as a software-as-a-service, the billing is balanced per user with a monthly rate on a quarterly basis in advance. This monthly fee includes all software updates and the Seneca standard support. 


Purchase Seneca as a license to use in your own server landscape, you pay a one-time license fee. For your personal support and to receive regular software updates you conclude a separate one-year maintenance contract.

Which are the contractual terms with software-as-a-service?

The minimum contract term for booking the Seneca controlling software-as-a-service is twelve months wit a notice period of three months at the end of the contract. Without a dismissal, your contract will automatically be extended for another twelve months. The payment is made quarterly in advance through SEPA direct debits. By conclusion of the contract, you automatically agree to the SEPA direct debit procedure.

Is there any customer support at Seneca?

As a customer you have access to our support according to the agreement made on the contract. You get access to Seneca support after you received your Seneca login data. As a standard you reach the Seneca support via the Seneca ticketsystem you find on our website. Or just call us at 0049 - 89 - 230 770 46 on weekdays from 9pm t 5pm, . Our friendly support staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Can I obtain a licence model of the Seneca-Controlling-System for my own server, as well?

You can purchase an unlimited licence to use Seneca controlling in your company's server landscape. In this case your company takes over and is responsible for the administration of the hard- and software itself. The annual maintenance contract ensures regular software updates and the use of Seneca standard support.

Which Seneca software editions are available for me?

Seneca controlling is available in three editions:


Seneca Local: The smallest version for small craft enterprises, micro enterprises as well as for freelancers.


Seneca Global: For medium-sized and larger companies.


Seneca Galaxy: For large companies with 360° requirements for controllig an BI.

What additional modules can I get for Seneca Controlling?

 You can book these additional Seneca Modules subject to a charge:

  • Seneca Accounting Connector: With this data connector you will easily be able to transfer data from all common previous systems. The connector is booked by client.
  • Seneca Office Integration (Word, Powerpoint and Excel) can be booked per company for a simple bridging into the Office World.
  • Seneca company evaluation: Quickly determine the value and value drivers of your company, based on the data provided in Seneca Controlling.
  • Seneca Rating (powered by URA Rating): Make reliable real-time evaluation of your own company or business partner.