The sophisticated controlling software

A Seneca Controlling Software egy felhő alapú pénzügyi controlling rendszer a vezetői számvitel, a tervezés, az elemzés és a riportálás számára. 

A Seneca Controlling rendszer széles körű funkcionalitást biztosít ahhoz, hogy Ön képes legyen egyedi igényeit könnyedén és hatékonyan menedzselni. Ismerje meg a következő funkciókat: BI, OLAP, költségszámítás, vállalatértékelés, dashboard-ok, lefúrás dokumentum szintig, likviditás kalkuláció napi szinten, és még sok más. 




Shoot ahead and simulate!

What are the key adjustments to optimize your outcome? Which sectors could be affected by the operation?

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You like to know what we are capable of?

Here you will find the essential software functions:

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Office Integration

Bridging Seneca Controlling to the MS-Office World

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Rating with Seneca!

Real-time evaluation of companies - safe, reliable, credible! 

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Why Controlling?


A good Financial Controlling ensures that entrepreneurs or the company decision makers for each department are able to take decisions under the best possible conditions.


A good Financial Controlling brings problems and not desired events up to the surface still during the operations. The controller analyses and let the entrepreneur or the decision makers take the needed adjustments. In the best case scenario the company will be hence guaranteed to confidently operate even during difficult times.


Briefly, a good Financial Controlling covers the deviations that may occur by comparing Plan and Actual values or through the setting up of early warning models inside the company.


Moreover Financial Controlling evaluates if the undertaken actions were successful and for which reasons outcomes may have missed the goal, not fulfilling the desired purpose.


Finally there will be a decision to be taken concerning the corrective measures, in order to act proactively and both steer the course in a favorable direction and avoid undesired future problems.


All this delivers a good Financial Controlling.


Which are the pros for a company, using a specific financial controlling software?

An up-to-date Financial Controlling Software assists the entrepreneur and the controller by the decision making process, saving time and ressources.


Seneca Controlling is able to consolidate company figures coming from many different sources and secure them in the software own database. It summarizes, elaborate analyses, conducts simulations and planning scenarios. Moreover it can set up a company specific KPI and early warning system and let such intelligence flow easily and transparently into reports, automated through dashboards and emails, whom receivers will enjoy daily status updates.


In matters of data security, data integrity and clear visual representation, an up-to-date Financial Controlling Software like Seneca outstrips the commonly used datasheets in terms of benefits, efficiency, profitability and fun.


Last but not least, Seneca Controlling has proved to be the must-have management accounting tool for companies of all branches and sizes, thanks to its high scalability and flexibility gained by offering Financial Controlling as Software-as-a-Service.