Seneca Data Connector

Data Transfer is a piece of cake - automatic, time-controlled and secured through encryption after bank standards!

With the Seneca Data Connector you will be able to take over all your accounting entries, master data totals- and balance lists or data of your cost accounting, your ERP's as well as your CRM's into into the Seneca controlling system in no time.

Does your data need to be  consolidated before doing the import (ETL)?

In this case, the Data Connector allows the data import from

  •  File systems such as Excel, dBase, Foxpro
  •  Complex database applications, such as DATEV, Navision, SAGE, KWP, Addison
  • API's from other Cloud-suppliers such as Amazon, Jimdo, Magento etc.


Do you need a direct connection to all your database tables?

In this case, the import of your data by our Data Connector from your previous systems will be by a direct cloud-connection with the help of an ODBC link.


Whichever customary previous system your company uses!

The Seneca Data Connector is capable of reading the common financial accounting systems, CRM's, ERP's through their manufacturer specific interfaces. For your management accounting you will be able to safely consolidate, edit and secure the data in your Seneca Datawarehouse.


For you as a Seneca user, it is shelling peas to connect even decentralized pre-systems.